BikeVentura Staff

Joey Juhasz-Lukomski, Executive Director

Joey hails from the east coast, but has grown to love Southern California. It’s here that his passion for using the bicycle as a tool for change blossomed. After working as a chef in restaurants for 7 years, Joey started working for our neighbors at the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. He was the Operations Manager until November 2017, and is excited to lead BikeVentura in this next chapter of its life and his own.

Joey rode his bike across the U.S. in 2008, has toured from San Francisco to Santa Barbara and just rode his first double century, from Ragged Point to Ventura. He wants to hear from you about what you think Ventura needs and how bicycles can help accomplish community-driven goals.

Catch him riding to work from Santa Barbara on the beautiful coastal route in the morning or email him at

Tobias "Toby" Smith

Toby started volunteering in 2008 and became staff when the HUB opened in 2012.  He has served as lead mechanic for the shop as well as community organizer working with many people and organizations in our community.  He has a passion for sharing the love and joy that is riding bikes.

 His favorite thing is working with and meeting all kinds of really cool and interesting people, hearing their stories and especially the friendships and bonds that happen because of our organization.

Toby is a tinkerer of all things and has been a professional mechanic for 15 years and has been using bikes for fun and transportation since he was a wee kid finding the fun in racing, building jumps with friends and just plain cruising around, If it has 2 wheels, ride it! In his spare time he …you guessed it, rides with his family, and surfs.

As Program Director he hopes to use our programs as an effort to reach as many people as possible and spread the vision of freedom of mobility, to bring the memories of joy and happiness into everyday life so that anyone who wants to is welcome to cruise around anywhere by bike.  Wanna get involved and make things happen? Give him a shout-

Alex Penaloza

Alex was born and raised in Ventura, Ca. Alex’s passions include bikes, music, eating and DIY. He is a strong proponent for bikes being so much more than just a way to get around, though still vital to transportation).  In his own words, “bicycles are health, bicycles are joy, bicycles are freedom. They’re a literal and figurative vehicle to interacting with my community and I couldn’t imagine my living without them.

“I came to the Hub at a very confusing point in my life and the people here offered a space for me to grow in more ways than I could ever have imagined. With my mechanical skills, bilingual tongue, and dedication to inclusivity I like to think I facilitate a space that gives others that opportunity as well.”

Alex lives by the following, “Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist, keep on loving keep on fighting.”

Zuleima “Zuli” Jimenez

Zuli joins the BikeVentura team from Oxnard, CA. She is a native Spanish (with Mayan influence) speaker and is passionate about learning and creating. She is a devoted community member and partners with the La Colonia youth to bring art to her community!

Zuli’s passion for cycling grew when she was in the Bay Area and was greeted with bright green lanes. This was a stark contrast to her hometown. She’s a fixie rider and is digging in to the mechanical side of cycling and is also ready to advocate for safer streets in Ventura County.