Toby with Maverick and award

Toby Smith – HUB Master Mechanic Wins Award

Toby Smith, our Ventura HUB Master Mechanic, trainer, organizer, and key shop manager wins one of Ventura County’s “Climate Change Action” awards. The Ventura County Board of Supervisors presented Smith with his award April 16th, 2013 at the Government Center chambers to a packed house of officials and County Activists….

Do the Math - Movie

Do the Math: The Movie – with

Sunday, April 21 7:00pm UU Church of Ventura 5654 Ralston St, Ventura CA Sunday, April 21 7:00pm Arts Center at Thacher, 5025 Thacher Rd, Ojai CA Just Plug in your Zip Code to RSVP This weekend, is trying to do something that has never been done before: a nationwide…

Interview with VCCool’s Director

Phil Taggart’s “Community Impact” TV talk show, interview’s Rachel Morris, VCCool’s Executive Director. Host Friday Lubina talks with Rachel about the best ways to take action on climate crisis, VCCool’s history and actions, and even what’s up with bicycles and back-yard chickens. Visit Community Impact’s Vimeo page for more information…

Fresh Eggs from your Back Yard

Chickens are  a great addition to a home-grown veggie garden. They reduce bugs, eat scraps, provide high-quality organic fertilizer, and make cute pets – all the while, providing healthy food for the family. An excellent way to reduce your carbon foot print is through what you eat!  By growing food…